Mobile Website Help

The Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) mobile web site is provided to help inform motorists using web-enabled mobile devices so they can make better decisions about travel in Idaho. It is best viewed using a "Smartphone" mobile device. It has been developed for use with mobile devices using full HTML browsers, but performs well using other WAP-enabled mobile browser applications. The ITD mobile web site attempts to automatically redirect all phones to the mobile website, where possible.

 Home Page:

The mobile home page provides access to traveler information reports for routes across the state, and images captured by numerous cameras.

  A scrolling banner appears across the top of the screen only when there are road closures or blockages on any routes. When more than one closure or blockage is present on any route, the number of reports is shown in parentheses after the route number.. Moving the mouse over the banner causes the banner to stop. Clicking on one of the routes in the banner links to the reports affecting that route.

 Route Reports:

Route reports allow users to view reports currently affecting interstates, US highways, and state highways. Routes can be selected from a list of "popular routes," or by entering a route number in the search box, or selecting from a full list of routes arranged in numerical order. The most popular routes in the state are listed first, for easy access. A simple search may also be performed by entering the route number, with or without a prefix, and pressing the "Search" button. For example, a search for "I-15," "I 15," "Route 15," or "15" will all be recognized. If more than one route is found, select the desired route from the search results.

 Route Sections:

Some longer routes are divided into multiple sections, for easier viewing. When a route has multiple sections, the number of reports affecting each section is listed, along with any closures or blockages affecting that section. When viewing the full list of routes across the state, the number of reports and closures/blockages is provided alongside each route.

  Reports are listed in geographical order within each route from south to north or from west to east depending on the overall direction of the selected route. Urgent reports, such as closures and blockages, are indicated with bold text.


Images captured by cameras across the state can be viewed by clicking on a camera name. Cameras are arranged by route, and are in ascending order by milepost within each route. Cameras owned by ITD are easily viewed. Cameras not owned by ITD may be difficult to view on some older mobile devices.